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The mantle with roses for woman recalls a vintage style, it is made of viscose and cotton. It is entirely “made in Italy” with a design always marked by class, style and elegance where attention of detail makes the difference.

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Welcome in Vanity Sorrento

Vanity opens its third store, it is not in Sorrento but it is around the world, it is online: it can show you amazing items and ideas for new outfits. You can choose items that you like more, comfortably at home: the methods of payment are extremely safe, you can pay by wire transfer or by Paypal. Run immediately to our shop section to view our collection, with the best trends in particular, for the woman there are dresses, which are dominating the scene of street style. In the past, dresses were always presented as a weapon of seduction of the season, but today they are used in a more casual way. For the man, we show you the trend of linen scarfs which fit good with cuff’s color of the shirt: according to us this outfit is an integral part of the wardrobe of every fashioner. Fashion is not a race, as many people think: in the end, clothing, beauty and style mean nothing without personality, energy and vitality in which the center of everything there is you. There is magic only when you come to be part of the equation fashion: without you, they are only clothes; if you are not afraid to be themselves, everything will work. Which items do you decide to try on? Perhaps man would be attracted by colors which characterize our linen shirts; while for woman, we offer a wide range of choice between classics item both in colors and in the models; but each of these has a detail that may be fantasy or the presence of applications that make our creations, original items. A small space is cut out for children who play at being adult, we offer creations that mix adult style in a playful way, just like children do. The collection Vanity certainly offers items, which are different from those presented by big chains; our idea is to present linen creations, in excellent quality and made in Italy, for people who love news; this aspect is surely the most important spice in the dish we call “personal style” so the item becomes “made on me” . We find a lot of these spices in Positano fashion, where people rush to try new outfits. Now it’s your turn! Consult your menu, choose your dish, use your spices and create your product made on you!

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